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MARCH 13, 2014

6:30 - 9 PM
I have not shared in a while. I have been changing and growing and digging deep.  It's winter and that is what I do in the winter. I look inside and go deeper. 
Over the holidays I went to see a movie about the Hubble space telescope at the Smithsonian in DC.   Sitting in the presence of my entire family, 23 of us watched as the universe opened up in front of our 3-D eyes.  Together we soared through the solar system and found ourselves at the edge of the telescopes capability, the awe inspiring Orion Nebula, a star nursery.  
Located about 1,300 light years away this is the closest region of massive star formations to Earth, the M42 nebula is estimated to be 24 light years across. It has a mass of about 2000 times the mass of the Sun. It is estimated that  this nursery alone will birth over 1000 stars.
In any given galaxy there is approximately one star born a year. It is estimated that there are 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe, therefore there are about 100 billion stars born per year. That means that each day there are  275 million stars born. To keep things in balance there are approximately the same amount of stars dying each day as well.  Scripture equates the number of grains of sand to the number of stars.  Let that sink in.  While out there flying through the stars I had an amazing moment.  In space there is no suffering. In space there is only creation and light. 
Looking out a my kids in the large dark theater I thought about all the times I read the sweet little story, "Guess How Much I Love You?" by Sam McBratney. In the story we would read "I love you to the moon and back." Then we would play and try to really grasp the thought and feel how big our love was. "I love you more than all the blades of grass in the world." I would say. Then after looking up at me with big eyes they would say, "Well I love you more then all the water in the ocean." Then I would reply. "I love you more than every leaf on every tree in the whole wide world." Then with some hesitation they would say  "Well I Love you more than my blanky".  That always gave way for a moment.  The blanky love is big.  But no matter how hard we tried we could not find the perfect way of saying it. The vastness of our love was immeasurable.  Kisses and hugs would have to do.
On the flip side we can only see a star in the darkness of night. Try putting resentment, jealousy, greed and anger into the vastness of space, into the night sky.  You will find it gets lost.
Put the pain in you knee or the argument you had with your teenager into the vastness of space.  Does it hold up?  Put fear pain, disappointment and struggle into the night sky next to the brilliance of your love.  Can you feel how small it is. For me fear gets sucked into the dark.    It is simple our love is vast, our fear dense.  
In the book,  Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeons's Journey Into the Afterlife,  Dr. Eben Alexander, after having a near death experience states, "All the suffering in the entire history of man kind is but a grain of sand in the vastness of the universe."  I heard Dr. Alexander speak here in Baltimore and left thinking a lot about heaven, love and dying and how when we love someone and they cross we turn to the heavens to hold their spirit.   The grave, an urn, our memories.. these things are too small to hold a life. Once gone from the body their love for us and our love for them needs space.  It is big love! We often feel our hearts break at the thought of it trying to hold it.  Our love and our memory of them needs SPACE!  It needs to shine and it need to keep going and going.
So why a night of 1000 lights.
What if each of us were a star?  A galaxy of love.  
What if I called forth 1000 of us to meet and connect and hold the space of love.
What kind of fear would hold up?  What illness?  What limiting belief?  
What if we all came into one room and held the intention of love?
What if we all went out of that room and made sure that all the beautiful loving and conscious friends of light and love we knew were acknowledged for the vastness of their love?  
What would happen if we reclaimed our universe as a one in which fear, hate, doubt and suffering were simply one grain of sand in the vastness of 100 billion galaxies of love in our universe. 
That is what this night is about.
You are a point of light.
You were birthed in the amazing creation of the universe and with your birth this universe became more loving and expansive.
This night is about you and the love you can not contain.
This night is about joining all of us so that we can shine in a way that dispels fear and suffering.
Each of us is a light going around doing our best to dispel suffering and darkness but what if we took 1000 stars and pulled them into one orbit? Can you imagine the light it would cast in the universe? Can you imagine the light it would cast over Baltimore.  
That is the vision I had and have trusted to step into.  More will be revealed on the Night Of 1000 Lights.  For now I hope you feel it and just say yes.
Please click the link below and send me your mailing address and the mailing address of those you wish to bring with you to this amazing night.
really need your address and the addresses of those you wish to bring with you (5 max).  I wish to send you the invite along with a small gift to symbolize that you are noticed and appreciated as light in this world.   Please respond to this link and add your address as well as anyone 
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