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This is the image that inspired me to trust and rent the Kahala Beach house in Kauai and offer Karuna Reiki training there this summer. This statue of Quan Yin (the patron of Karuna Reiki) is seated in the corner of an open room with floor to ceiling glass windows looking out to the northernmost point of the Kauai shores.  
On the first morning of my stay in Kauai, I hiked down to the beach for sunrise with the amazing Sarah Wheeler and our chef and my dear friend from forever, Staci Curry. After a few slow and gentle yoga poses, we stood with our arms open to the wind and our faces tilted up towards the sun. The temperature was perfect. The surf was slow and easy and everything glistened. Something happened to us in that moment that has never happened to us before.  
We received an attunement directly from the universe.  
Love flooded into me through the front and back of my heart and practically lifted me up and off of the ground. "Let it all go," they said. "You are so loved. You are right where you are suppose to be. All of these women who have said "yes" to joining you will receive all that they need directly from us. All that you have to do now is let yourself be loved." Tears streamed down my face. Sarah knew that something was going on and started taking pictures. 
Below is a picture of the light from that morning. Notice the orbs of light shooting through Staci's body. Staci, as you might know from the Night of 1000 Lights, is a dancer. The energy of that morning just moved her. Here she is as she took it in, her shawl blowing in the soft trade wind breeze.
Notice the purple light over the water near the cliff and how it comes right in front of me and stays with me in the picture with Staci. Light, love and protection is always available to us.
Here is Sarah receiving her attunement.
An amazing feature of that morning is that we all had the same download: 
Even without going all the way to Hawaii, you are invited to go outside before the Fall sets in. Open up directly to the universe and take it in. The earth delights in the beauty of your presence. You are meant to be happy and all that you need is here for you. I was urged by the guidance I received to share this now with you and to encourage you to expand your perception:
I am sending Reiki from that very moment I experienced
on the beach in Kauai to you now to help you open up to your next level. It is all right here for us.  
"You are so supported. You only have to ask."
I also wanted to share with you more images from my trip with the incredible 18 women who said "yes" and joined me in Kauai. Please open the screen wide and just step into the experience with us. One day I will go back and you will be there with me
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Kauai Hawaii
Secret Beach, Kauai Hawaii
We are just about full for our 200+ hour yoga teacher training. There are only a few slots left!
In addition, Nancy and I are so excited to launch our first 300+ hour Yoga Teacher Training program this Fall. The program goes deep into yoga therapy. It is our goal to create a yoga therapy Master's utilizing all of the best yoga teachers in the county. This amazing class is our first step and will be taught by a cadre of some of the best yoga teachers in Baltimore. If you know of any 200 Hour YA yoga teachers who want to take their training to the next level, please pass this information on to them.
My daughter Lucia in Kauai. Lucia is taking the 200-hr yoga teacher training!
This October we are holding our 14th Healing Pathways class! Below is a testimonial from Art, a wonderful Pediatric Pych Nurse at UMMC who was in our Spring Healing Pathways class. During the class, he was unsure as to whether he wanted to move to Florida. While his wife really wanted to move there, he liked his job here in Baltimore.  
"Just wanted to send you and update on me. I gave my resignation here at UMMC because I secured an even better job in Sarasota, FL! I went down there this past Saturday with only one interview lined up last minute, but used reiki and meditation to help motivate me to pin down two others. Don't you know, I got all three job offers! Next, I remembered what you taught me, called on my powerful spirits, and just drove my rental car around as they guided me. I stopped suddenly when I saw a small real estate office, met a wonderful agent, who had just the perfect home for me and my family to rent. Then when I returned home, we got an offer on our house, which we accepted and are in the bank approval process. This all happened within 24 hours!"
Those of you who have come through the program are probably not surprised by this wonderful testimony. The Healing Pathways process opens us up to amazing shifts. Please send the info to those who may be ready.


Nurse Practitioner Ginny Jump came to Kauai with us and brought her beautiful teen age daughters. All are Karuna Reiki masters now.
Last but not least, I am at Karme every Monday night from 6-8pm. Anytime you need a little boost, know that we are there with the healing power of the fire, the loving spirit of Reiki and the power to open, to clear and to move you through restorative yoga. 
Sunrise Yoga on the Lanai led by Sarah Wheeler


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