Virtual Courses

For the last 30 years when I check the box for my profession I always check Teacher.  While the buildings have changed from a catholic high school in NYC, to Freshman English 101 at Chaminade University in Hawaii, to Yoga Teacher Trainings at The University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine, my curriculum has always been the same.  Can you love yourself more?  Can you trust yourself to really listen to what your heart desires?  Do you know what your soul is crafting?

My mind loves information & my essence requires exquisite energetic alignment, my soul however is happiest when I am sharing transformational tools for living healthy, happy and free. These strange times have inspired me to take the courses I love to teach and infuse them with new life using this online platform.  Each course allows for you to go at your own pace at home while personalizing your integration through one on one sessions.

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