Broadcasting Intentions with Jillian and Bonnie with Private,

July 4th, 2021


Open, harmonize and broadcast your unique inspired intentions into this new and changing world in this one day workshop with Jillian and Bonnie and then share in a special private voice coaching session with Jillian



As many of you know, my friend Jillian Finnamore is an international opera singer extraordinaire who has spent the last two years following her dream to study and further her gifts as an artist in Berlin. Jillian is visiting this month and we have created a very unique workshop we would like to offer together at my home.
Join us!
Open, harmonize and broadcast your unique inspired intentionsinto this new and changing world!
July 28th
10- 5
at Bonnie’s
What we will cover:
-The harmonics of the chakras
-Clearing, healing and claiming your throat chakra
-Listening, toning and broadcasting your personal mission with clarity out into the world!
You do not need to be able to sing well or even at all to join us…that is the point of healing your throat chakra!
Upgrade your experience and enjoy this workshop as well as a 1 hour private with Jillian
 July 29th- August 8th
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