Tarot Master Class for Therapist

May 6th, 2021


Tarot Master Mind for Therapists

Turn breakdowns into breakthroughs by developing your intuition.


You may have a hunch your intuitive. Maybe even a little bit psychic.

Most people who are drawn to helping others have developed their empathic gifts to the extent that their rational mind will allow. We are at an amazing threshold. Never before has it been so safe to fully open to the great potential of your unique intuition.

Join me for an 7 week introduction to the Tarot designed just for therapist.

In these 7 weeks you will uncover the meaning behind the archetypical power of the Tarot while learning simple tools to integrate the Tarot into your practice as a skill to validate your hunches.

7 Week Virtual Session Includes

-Intro to the major and minor arcana

-Use of cards before sessions to organize energy

-Discreet use of cards during session

-Use of cards after session to release energy & bless the path of healing

-1 Private Session

June 7th – July 19th    7pm- 8pm Easter

Total Cost



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