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If you found me, you must be ready to find you. No doubt, we find ourselves in an incredible time of change. Many of us feel the urge to bring peace into this world while at the same time wanting radical reform. Join me along with a TR<i>BE of healers and learn how to RE-Source your energy and activate your latent gifts. It’s not too late, you’re actually just in time!


Enter here to access free meditations and original music designed to help you listen deeply and love your way through everything from restless nights to big life changes.

“When you can’t go out, go in.” — Martha Beck

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I love to turn thoughts around and show the light and opportunity that exists in our struggle. Climb on the back of a dragon with me…, sit on the beach with your future self, walk through ancient doorways to find your avatar and ultimately remember the endless inner portals you built that lead to your inner and ancient realms of peace and wisdom. Enter here to schedule a dynamic one on one session with me.


Do you have any idea the brilliant flame you carry and the important wisdom you keep?   Discard your heavy cloak of isolation, regret and suffering.  Join this group of light bearers as we illuminate, support and encourage each other’s expansion. Weekly online group meditations and Reiki shares along with bimonthly newsletters keep you informed and connected. Join us, we have a saved seat for you at our table.