Ancient Oaks

One day you will plug 1020 Poole Rd Westminster Maryland into your GPS.
You will turn and cross a little bridge and come up a hill.
You will hear the gravel under your wheels.
You will  see this guy looking out between the space in the fence. His name is Acorn.
You will find an Ok parking spot, get out and finally meet me!
I will turn you toward a circle of beautiful shining, kind, clear and loving people and say welcome home.

Then you will begin to meet the TRiBE


September 22nd, 2020 1-6 and 7-9
Reiki Reboot 1-6 leading into
Fall Equinox Bonfire, drum circle 7-9

October 12th, 2020 – 10-5
TR<i>BE Gathering
All Day festival of gifts.

Experience a cornucopia of healing experiences from yoga, to agnihotra, Reiki, sound healing, reflexology, dance, journaling and hiking.

Register below… All proceeds go to Ancient Oaks farm.

Upcoming FALL Gatherings

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  • Foodie Fun Raiser - You will hear a great deal from me about Ancient Oaks Farm over the next few years. Nestled in this hills of Westminster MD, this beautiful retreat space has opened… ...