Meditations, Music & Videos

When I enter into a guided healing session my visual and auditory senses become heightened. The places I go and the sounds I hear are beyond celestial. The following meditations, videos and music are inspired from years and years of these healing journeys. Even if I can not be there in person or over the phone to guide you, each meditation is fully activated with the highest love and light that Reiki transmits and my heart channels. I suggest you use good ear phones and find a quiet place to rest while listening so that you can fully feel the soft energy and peace that Reiki activates.

Over the years, other Reiki masters have also experienced their musical gift well-enhanced. I wish to thank Edie Jemiola, Ryan Couto, Connor Brendan and Spencer Wilson for their assistance in recording and producing many of these sessions.

Under no circumstances should you listen to these recordings while driving or operating machinery.

Guided Meditations


The music below has no guided meditation. The music itself is designed to help open up the energy in your body by slowing down your breathing and relaxing your busy mind. It is recommended that you use good headphones and sit or lay down. Please do not listen to this while driving.

Prana Yoga Video

Complimentary Free Video: This gentle prana yoga class will take you through simple yoga poses to open the energy of the body, quiet the mind and deepen the breath.

Reiki Meditations

Meditations for staying attuned.

Chakra Meditations

These meditations are designed to help clear and open energy.

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