When I became a Karuna Reiki Master I decided that I wanted to teach Karuna in places where the energy was highly organized and incredibly beautiful.

My first Retreat was held in India on the banks of the Narmanda river where we arrived in time to experience the great sacred fire ceremony called Somayag. My next event was held on the edge of a mountain in Kauaii Hawaii looking out to the sea. After that we headed to Santa Fe New Mexico to meet up with the visionary artist James Jereb and his amazing 22 acres of sacred mandalas in the desert.  After that Yoga at Red Rocks inspired me to rent a beautiful retreat house in Colorado.  Along the way I also found amazing shamans who took me high up into the mountains in the Sacred Valley in Peru.  My last big adventure I taught Reiki Holy Fire in Ireland. It was an amazing experience. At one point, one of our guides with a wonderful brogue pulled me over and said, “Tell me… are you a Druid?”

I laughed and said, “NO, I am a Reiki Master though. Why?”

“Well this is Ireland you see, and it mostly only ever rains.  I have been a guide here for 20 or so years now and have never seen weather like this here.  Not only is there no one here when we arrive at these sacred sites but the sky clears every time!  The weather has been unfkn believable! Only a bunch of Druids could pull that off!”

Well that is just the kind of magic that happens when you travel with 10 or so Reiki Masters. The only way I travel!

Until my next big trip here is a video with highlights of some of my trips.  Enjoy! I hope that when I roll out my next adventure you will say yes and roll out your own suitcase to place along side me.

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