Welcome to the App!

“The True Joy Of Meditation” and found these words,  “Turn towards the burning moment; this is true meditation.  Breathe into the uncomfortable place  Don’t abandon yourself now for a new imagined future.  Don’t leave yourself for the world of thought.  Find you home in what is.”

Building a web site is real.  Building an app is real.  Recording and editing yoga videos is real.  Today nothing worked.  Batteries died, storage space filled to the brim, passwords didn’t match.  I even got kicked off my own web site!  I have spent time on the phone today with an apple genius, my web designer and my app designer.  I had to go slow, breath and keep my vision clear on what I was creating.  I have a passion for building a virtual community that is charged with healing, truth, compassion and connection.  I have tools to help me get there but I am building the bridge as I cross it.

You are the forefathers of my beginnings.  The first guests to enter into this new and magical temple/sacred world.  Welcome.  I so appreciate you and thank you ever so much!