1938 -Past Life

September 7th, 2020

I remembered first a silver light around me
saw my hands reaching out toward you,
wet my lips hungry at the sight
of your deep black scarred body

It was my strong kiss that opened your palms
My quiet brown eyes over and over
saying “let me”.

You muscles tight with trained hard labor
Surrendered at last to
my nose rubbing, my fingers reading,
my half dressed body following
the scent of your fear back in time
to their hateful imprints.

I can still hear the slow exhale,
your sad whisper of “ok”
Your tears on my cheek,
the taste of salty permission
rubbing back and fourth
Over the brail the read terror

We worked late into the night
till finally those scars ran smooth
Glistened with healing ointment
the deep smell of two bodies trusting
two bodies changing forever
whip to kiss, fist to hot healing tongue.

And later I wanted so bad to know if
when you woke
when you went to cover those scars up
In that old black shame

If you found for the first time
Your hand gently erasing those crooked lines,
found me.. me…my smile, my soft unmarked skin
loving you in that silver light.

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