I am here for the food

September 5th, 2020

I have this recurring thought often about Samadhi or enlightenment and it goes something like this.

I die, I hear this wonderful music. I see the light. I am an adept astral traveler so I head toward the brilliance of love and God and heaven and I see in the distance the gates open to me with friends and relatives all calling my name. I am so excited to be coming home and carry with me a long list of questions I can finally place at the foot of God. I am allowed into the big in cloud in the sky. I was indeed good.

Then the air fills with the smell of bacon.
The bacon leads me to wafting warm chocolate ,
Then the crisp sound of wine being uncorked.

I turn and right outside the gates of heaven, set off to the side, stands an amazing gourmet food truck pop up village. I hold my finger up and ask the herald angels that sing to give me a minute or two and I do not make it to Heaven. I have instead given it all up for a slice of crisp thin crust, New York, perfectly melted pepperoni cheese pizza.
My kindness, patience & good deeds are eternally erased.

My soul yearns to head at last through the pearly gates but alas my mouth is hap, for at least it did not give up its own version of heaven.
The pieces of it are tucked safely away in the corners of my mouth.

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