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September 13th, 2020

Do you miss Karme? For those who didn’t know me back then, Karme is magical and highly organized energetic space where I taught yoga and Reiki for over ten years. Karme is now called The Resonance Point. Its community, Baltimore Homa Community, practices and teaches the sacred fire Agnihotra. This amazing group now has a farm in Westminster, MD.

This fall you will be called to decide what you will stand by, what you will support & what you want to have more of or less of in this world. There is a deep desire in many of us to take down old beliefs and systems that are outdated and begin to build and create communities that are balanced, honest, and safe. This past year, so many of our systems have been challenged and many outdated models of working, living, and caring for each other no longer work or even exist. Essentially we have been in a deconstructionist phase since Covid-19 hit.

By the spring of 2021 I believe we will feel a huge and positive shift. Many people are laying the groundwork for building new communities that work better by being more inclusive and far more effective in connecting people to nature and their deeper and truer essence. Ancient Oaks Farm has a jump start on this and I have decided to collaborate with them in creating a retreat center where we can gather, heal, dream and build the new world we are all so ready and inherently prepared to create. Please contact me if you would like to join me in my efforts or consider making a SIZEable donation to our vision.

Ancient Oaks Baltimore Homa Community Farm
1020 Poole Road
Westminster MD

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