September 14th, 2020

For the past month I have been working with a creative team to bring you my new website along with the app TR<i>BE. My older website was designed to capture interest for yoga teacher training programs. This website is designed to help gather a new community of light beings who are ready to set their eyes forward on the new world they want to create and enjoy.

Please have a look around the site. The meditation page is especially fun listing over 15 meditations. I now have the capacity for you to schedule a session right into my calendar as well as electronic payment options. I am currently building out a variety of virtual self-study courses that will serve as a wonderful review for many of you. All online courses come with one-on-one sessions to ensure the material is integrated in a personal way.

In addition the TR<i>BE app, which interfaces with the web site, is an incredible resource for us to request and send Reiki virtually without using Facebook. The app also provides encouraging, non-political messages each day, along with a comprehensive calendar of events that keep tribe members connected to seasonal workshops and social events.

Join Our TR<i>BE