Make sure you sit out in the sun Saturday 10/10/2020

October 8th, 2020

This Saturday, October 10th is 10102020. Cool number right?  If you can, please sit out in the Sun for a bit, turn your head toward the powerful healing rays that are heading your way and get ready to feel very quiet and nurtured. Saturday’s sun shower brings with it some beautiful cosmic energy. One lovely teacher of mine, Grandmother Chandra urges us to make the best of this energy. She explains that all the great Suns in the cosmos have agreed to send our Sun healing energy. Imagine rays of light from all over creation heading to our Sun just so our Sun can send that special energy to earth. Like a huge prayer chain, we are being guided, encouraged and loved from a powerful place. Know this energy is designed to help us exactly right at this time. Grandmother reminds us that while the energy outside of us is very polarizing, the energy that is building within you is strong and direct, especially in relation to your connection to mother Gai or the earth.

So if you can, go into nature and really notice the light reflecting in nature toward you. Feel the sun reflecting off rivers, streams, even the ocean if possible. Gaze at the face of a flower lit with light and absorb its exquisite sacred geometry. Feel as this organized energy moves toward you to help organize your conflicting feelings and thoughts. If you can’t go into nature, close your eyes and with your mind visit the most spectacular place you have ever been. Meditate from there and feel the light build.

I know we are all being challenged. It seems that each day more and more is being dragged out into the town square for us to take a good look at and judge. Each day we are being asked to decipher what we believe is true. We are being asked to decide what we are against and what we are for. It can feel so polarizing because we are being called to create an inner sanctuary of higher ethical standards. We are each being asked to be more authentic, honest, clear and consistent. The reason so much is being revealed is that this great light is strong enough to shine into the darkest most secret places. There are places in us that have never had light touch upon it’s sorted hidden shame. Now we are seeing so much being cleared and brought fully out into the open. We see this happening outside us, but more so we feel it inside us. Allow this light to resuscitate the places in you that wish to shine forth the beauty of your truth. Allow this light to begin to show you how very beautiful we can all be if we just bare all with courage.

This chaos has purpose. For under the rubble of it, something fantastic, honest and truly brilliant will emerge.

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