8 Week Coaching Package

May 5th, 2021


8 Week Coaching Package

Tell me your story


Tell me your story….I am listening

Lets add a little Reiki, a few tarot cards, time travel, yoga, deep breathing.

There are many ways to open the gifts of your immeasurable life.  What was once heavy will become light.  What was once depleting will become pure energy.  Only you know the whole story, the ins and outs, the expansions and the contractions.  Only you hold the key to unlocking this incredible storehouse of wisdom.

But where is the key?

Actually there are eight keys.  Each week we will locate a moment in time where you had a choice to either open to your organic power or protect it.  Each week we will visit one of these sacred gates of power and discover with great care what has been held tenderly till you were fully ready.    If you have been directed to this page you are most likely ready.

8 virtual sessions



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