Tarot Workshop April 19 & 20th

April 2nd, 2024

There are two modules to the Tarot Workshop on April 19th and 20th and they are interchangeable.

Friday, April 19th, from 5-9:30, is module I, which will introduce you to the system of the Tarot with a focus on the Akashic fields, Alchemy, and The Archetypes. (I taught this class back in February)

April 20th, from 10- 5, my good friend Staci and I will be diving into the sacred feminine in the Tarot. By exploring the gifts of the Maiden, Mother, Queen, and Crone, this day will be far more than just learning about the cards. It will be a nurturing day that will acknowledge the incredible journey you have been on as a woman and will help prepare you for the very big changes that are coming in the next year.

I also wanted to share with you a little more about Staci. Staci is an experienced workshop facilitator. We met in Connecticut when I ran my first yoga studio, and she taught yoga along with me and also offered acupuncture treatments. She and I trained in advanced levels of Reiki, sound healing, and Mckezeldek training together. (This is where we met Edie Jemiloa, the sound healer, and Edie will be attending this weekend as well!). Staci and I both went on to become yoga teacher trainers in several styles of yoga. She is also a yoga dance therapist and gifted storyteller, Staci is a skillful potter and shows and sells her pieces at the Santa Barbara craft fair in California. If you graduated from my yoga teacher training program, you received one of her Buddha bowls as a parting gift. In addition to that she is also an amazing vegetarian chef. I have learned a great deal from her over the years and wish to share more of her with you. We will be preparing a delicious lunch for you as well for you to enjoy!

Several people are attending Saturday’s workshop with their daughters or mothers. Perhaps you would like to invite a special woman to join you as well. Please know that they can join in on Saturday without taking the intro level. If your friends or family want to take the Friday night module, there is a discount for joining us on both days. If you want to join us on Saturday only, and have not taken module I, you will have to pay a little bit more so I can provide you with a tarot deck. You will need to register this week so I can get the cards in time.

I hope you carve out the time between on the weekend of April 19-20th

Please text/mesage me if you have any questions. Here are the links to various options;

Friday and Saturday, Module I and II with tarot cards. (For someone who has not taken the first module and wants to take both in one weekend)

Module I and II with Discount!

Module I, Friday night only with tarot cards (for someone who just wants to take the first module)

Alchemy and Archetypes, An Intro to Tarot

Module II Saturday (if you have the proper tarot deck and took the first module)

The Tarot And The Sacred Feminine.

Saturday only, Module II only if you have not taken Module I (This costs a little bit more, so I can provide you with cards.

The Tarot And The Sacred Feminine. With Tarot Card Included

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