The Piano Teacher – Past Life

September 8th, 2020

The white snow wrapped itself around the old house and it looked restful and wise..
She played her piano and listened as it slipped out through the small cracks in the windows and foundation.
It settled deep into the silent snow and she stopped for moment to listen.
The echo of it touched down and was still and waiting.
She hit one note and saw butterfly colors, another and the sweet smell of daffodil bulbs pushed into the air.
Soon a long light chord followed and she watched as it floated out and clung to the cold earth, braced itself waiting for the sun to melt it deep into the thirsty frozen mud.
She smiled and started to play again and again working it all warmly into the air…. knowing that with spring, the soft steam of her melody would drift up and search out his sensitive ear, bring with it an earthy chord that he would find familiar and comforting.

She would settle for that…to be familiar and be a friend who would last from season to season. To be part of the landscape and watch him plant seeds in the dirt and encourage his unique rhythms
She would have to settle for that… she would keep this other thing that something locked deep inside of her..what she remembered but would never manipulate or claim.. she would keep that somewhere else and wait for time and wisdom.

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