Foodie Fun Raiser

October 29th, 2020

You will hear a great deal from me about Ancient Oaks Farm over the next few years. Nestled in this hills of Westminster MD, this beautiful retreat space has opened its arms up to inner city children and has helped them to feel closer to nature while taking them deeper into the quiet ways of […]


October 12th, 2020

While in meditation yesterday I had this vision for our country. One day before I die, I will look at the two candidates who are running for the presidency and say “What extraordinary people. Each one has so much to offer. I don’t know which one to pick! I don’t even know what party I […]

Make sure you sit out in the sun Saturday 10/10/2020

October 8th, 2020

This Saturday, October 10th is 10102020. Cool number right?  If you can, please sit out in the Sun for a bit, turn your head toward the powerful healing rays that are heading your way and get ready to feel very quiet and nurtured. Saturday’s sun shower brings with it some beautiful cosmic energy. One lovely […]