September 14th, 2020

For the past month I have been working with a creative team to bring you my new website along with the app TR<i>BE. My older website was designed to capture interest for yoga teacher training programs. This website is designed to help gather a new community of light beings who are ready to set their […]

Join me in my “FUN” –Raising

September 13th, 2020

Do you miss Karme? For those who didn’t know me back then, Karme is magical and highly organized energetic space where I taught yoga and Reiki for over ten years. Karme is now called The Resonance Point. Its community, Baltimore Homa Community, practices and teaches the sacred fire Agnihotra. This amazing group now has a farm in Westminster, […]


September 12th, 2020

One of the definitions of rapture is the removal of people from earth to heaven. “This is rapture” she thought as she opened her eyes to a blank white ceiling. She was a dense mound of weight with a beating heart and her breath was faint as a whisper. She remembered traveling fast, hurling her […]

Between the Beat – Past Life

September 11th, 2020

It was Christ who taught her how to listen to the heart beat. Not the Jesus up on the cross. She climbed up a on a chair in Sunday school when everyone else was in Mass and with her little 7 year old fingers pried his pale bloody body off and stuck him safely in […]


September 10th, 2020

The truth that I never really told is a blank page right now, a blank page that I have not dipped my pen into. I have not marked the open sky of it with words that reveal the deep love that only truth can tell. I have not opened the page up to a new […]


September 9th, 2020

She stood in the center of his stone heart And wished for a kiss. Go out to the lonely night. Don’t stay. Don’t wait. He studies her soft hands, her palms open to him. She laughs a thousand lives turns into wind and flies off leaving his night warm and sultry. The hard heart feels […]

The Piano Teacher – Past Life

September 8th, 2020

The white snow wrapped itself around the old house and it looked restful and wise.. She played her piano and listened as it slipped out through the small cracks in the windows and foundation. It settled deep into the silent snow and she stopped for moment to listen. The echo of it touched down and […]

1938 -Past Life

September 7th, 2020

I remembered first a silver light around me saw my hands reaching out toward you, wet my lips hungry at the sight of your deep black scarred body It was my strong kiss that opened your palms My quiet brown eyes over and over saying “let me”. You muscles tight with trained hard labor Surrendered […]

Toeing the line -Past Life

September 6th, 2020

I toe the line you turn away I reach over play my fingers down the heat off your back My other hand, the strong one grabs back holding tightly to a solid life Between us the great universe sighs, remembers this long ago sweet story. I dangle reaching, past woven vines brushed with rain your […]

I am here for the food

September 5th, 2020

I have this recurring thought often about Samadhi or enlightenment and it goes something like this. I die, I hear this wonderful music. I see the light. I am an adept astral traveler so I head toward the brilliance of love and God and heaven and I see in the distance the gates open to […]